Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby is TWO!

Happy birthday to my beautiful Emma! Now if you'd just start fully talking instead of babbling, life would be perfect...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gnome Pimping?

After scouring the web for patterns for the last month and a half I took matters into my own hand. This is my very FIRST pattern written by me going off of various pictures... Whew.
Now this does resemble other traveling gnomes, mostly like my favorite knitter/toy-maker/awesomist gal Anna Hrachovec from Mochimochi Land . But to be clear, no, I did not purchase this pattern, nor did i copy/thief/steal her pattern from someone. I simply knitted from looking at various pictures between those on her blog, various random gnomes found on the web and from my head. So, Anna, if you are reading this and are mad, I'm sorry and I'll purchase your pattern! And to be clear, NO, I'm not selling these lil fellers...
I don't believe in pimping out my gnomes...
Feller on the right, whom is looking a bit pale as he's been vacationing in Alaska for the last few months. Don't mention is short stature, he's a bit sensitive.
And yes, that's an itty bitty wittle chikin.
They're ranchers by trade now...

Friday, July 22, 2011


After spending countless hours at various laundromats in my time I can say one thing is clear, I'll never be completely comfortable washing my clothes where strangers have.
Who's to know what nastiness has washed off others' clothes and lingers for mine to touch, swirl, spin and cling to.
Case in point, the random yellowish stains that ostentatiously showed up on my clothes tonight. Pissed? Yes. Kinda grossed out? You betcha. At least I know it isn't contagious since they were dried at HIGH heat for 40 min. *shudder*
Then there's always the creepy attendant. Randomly walking past you, seeing what you've got going on. In my case, knitting. I've got two (well four) needles, you've got two eyes. Coincidence? I think not. And next time you check out my ass as I'm pulling clothes out of the washer/dryer/whatever, said needles will find their way to you... *insert evil laugh and clasped hands* Take that Creepy-Attendant-Dude.
Oh, shall we discuss the unknown discolorations on the folding tables?
Or perhaps the smell that you just can't quite place?
Or even the... wait. Hold on. I think I'm even too icked out now to go back.
But I have to next week.
Until we meet again Creepy-Laundr-O-Mat-Attendant-Dude.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hubs Just Asked Me...

"What are you blogging and bitching about me now??"
Then conveniently leans in, ever so gently, and reads above line.
Apparently he thinks I need another hobby.
After months of not writing, I missed it. Terribly.
I may not write every day, but I am making it my goal to get three posts in a week. Big goal? Not so much. Big enough goal for a Stay At Home Mom with an almost 2 year old and an almost 6 month old? Oh hell yes.
I know I won't have long, inclusive, in-depth, posts, but I'll be damned to at least get a small smile from each of my readers. However small and select they are... You know I love every one of you!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Epic. Fail.

So I epically failed. Failed to make time to write. Until now... dun dun dunnnnnn...

Let's see. What's happened since you last heard from me March 1?? Okay, sit down, shut up, and HOLD ON!

We moved from Oklahoma back to Washington state shortly after my last posting.
Stayed at my dad's house and at my SIL's house, back and forth, back and forth for about 3 weeks (and 4 hours drive between the two) until we found a house in Sequim. Pronounced S-Kwim. Not See-kwim. Or see-kwim-run... see-kwim-fall... you get the picture.
Come June, after struggling and stressing, we were forced to move. Again. To Arizona. 
So this is where we reside now. And hopefully forever.
Keep in mind ALL (save for what we could cram in a tow trailer) is STILL in Oklahoma. That's right. Two effing states away.
So we are sleeping on the floor. We meaning my husband and I. The girls have cribs... I made sure to pack their stuff first. Although, in hindsight, I wish I would have "known" we would be without this long and packed more stuff for Abby. Growing like a weed. A long, skinny, loud, weed.
I swear we can rival any Gypsy or Military family when it comes to packing and un-hoarding possessions. Really.
But there is a light at the end of this long, bitter tunnel. HOPEFULLY we can get our things by the beginning of August. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Eyes crossed.... ouch, not so much the eyes. Makes it hard to type.
All in all I think we've come out pretty ok. Still married, still alive. That counts right?
So as I sit here on the floor, I'd like to simply say, "HOLY MOTHER #($&#**#Q($()*&@*(&*#(&!!!" There. I feel better.
So stay tuned, I plan on writing a lot more. A lot. Like maybe everyday? And I've even installed the app on my phone so I can blog on the go! Yessiree, I'm with the times. Mmmhmmm.