Saturday, August 13, 2011

Laund-ro-mania 2 AKA The Claaaawwww...

O. M. G.
Again at the laundromat (yes I *have* done laundry since my last posting) with Creepy-attendant-dude here yet again.
It's really a lovely little joint if you look past the fact that most of the machines are broken. Ironically there is a *flat screen* tv here. Flat. Screen. Mounted on the wall, flat screen.
Then there's the claw machine.
The Claaawwwww...
The signage clearly states it is out of order. But I think otherwise. It's haunted. Very. The claaaawwww moves on its own. Attempting to grab any unsuspecting tiny toy that has cruelly been abandoned. Gah! Thank goodness I only have 15 more minutes on the dryers our I may run, screaming outta here!

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  1. That claw doesn't REALLY move when no one is touching it, right? I'm getting scared!!