Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gnome Pimping?

After scouring the web for patterns for the last month and a half I took matters into my own hand. This is my very FIRST pattern written by me going off of various pictures... Whew.
Now this does resemble other traveling gnomes, mostly like my favorite knitter/toy-maker/awesomist gal Anna Hrachovec from Mochimochi Land . But to be clear, no, I did not purchase this pattern, nor did i copy/thief/steal her pattern from someone. I simply knitted from looking at various pictures between those on her blog, various random gnomes found on the web and from my head. So, Anna, if you are reading this and are mad, I'm sorry and I'll purchase your pattern! And to be clear, NO, I'm not selling these lil fellers...
I don't believe in pimping out my gnomes...
Feller on the right, whom is looking a bit pale as he's been vacationing in Alaska for the last few months. Don't mention is short stature, he's a bit sensitive.
And yes, that's an itty bitty wittle chikin.
They're ranchers by trade now...

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