Monday, January 3, 2011

Gaggle of Giggles

We have a neighborhood pond with a resident white domestic goose and duck, and various mallard couples. Now, the white goose is pretty much an asshole. And that's being polite about it. We've tried to feed them. Emphasis on try. He charges right up to you, hissing and snipping away until you give him food. Jerk literally kicks the other ducks out of the way. We've always thought negatively about him until recently...

With winter upon us, we have quite a lot of visitors from up north. Canadian Geese to be exact. And I do mean a lot. You see them all over Oklahoma City and outlying areas, including our pond. Remember Jerk Goose?
He has taken over as the pond's official host, leading the visitors to different lawns to find food...

He leads his new found friends from the pond, down the street, all forming a single file to forage. He waits until they have had their fill and leads them back, all the while acting as a proper host, trying to keep them from walking on the road as much as possible.

I think I've changed my outlook on him, for a while at least...

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  1. That goose doesn't seem so bad! Give him a break. :)