Monday, January 17, 2011

What To Do, What To Do... AKA Works in Progress

I knit. I love to knit. Knitting is my favorite.
Oh, and smiling. Smiling is my favorite too.
But back to knitting.

I'm up to my much-needed-to-be-plucked eyebrows in projects, ideas and yarn. Lots of yarn. As my husband puts it, crap full of yarn. Really it's only one 18 gallon tub of the stuff, but he's a guy, and they just don't get it.

 I've been crocheting too. Lots and lots (well to me who is attempting them in between pokes and whines from Emma) of Valentines hearts. In bright, obnoxiously red, red, Red Heart yarn. I've been meaning to find a way to use it up, now I've got a mission. All of these hearts will become a Valentine's Day bunting that will definitely annoy the hell out of my husband. Mission accomplished. 

I've finally finished the newborn hat for our little bundle of joy, set to arrive Feb. 3rd. When I say "finished" I truly mean I've knitted the piece, just haven't affixed all the adornments on it... Alpaca yarn. Superfine. AKA a real bitch to knit/crochet with, but very fun to feel!

And then there's three skeins of really great yarn, but I'm at a loss as to what to do with them. 

So many possibilities for these babies, so many. The first two were a Christmas present from a dear friend who knows me all too well (Thanks again Laura!!!!) And the third is from my MIL (whom also sent me bamboo yarn and the alpaca yarn) just cuz.

Then there's the scraps of yarn. The left overs that I keep because I can't justify throwing out perfectly good portions of yarn after finishing a project. 

These already are in knitting motion. They are being transformed into these super cute pigeons  
that my Emma is in love with. They will be a project for her room... bird haven. Eventually I'd like to get a couple small antique bird cages to place a couple in. The others will "fly" free in her room.

And last, but not least *insert drum roll please* we have elephants. Made from fabric. (Thanks Captain Obvious, my hubby).

These will be made into a small bunting for Baby #2's crib/co-sleeper/whatever I feel like. The pattern came from my mom, who sent me the original instead of a copy. I suppose she's done making them? 

Well, there you have it. My WIPs (Works in Progress). Now, if I can just finish these in the next two weeks, my life will be grand!


  1. I didn't realize you were pregnant with twins! How exciting! I am so, so impressed that you know how to knit. That is amazing. My best friend's mom growing up knitted ALL THE TIME. Her needles went so fast I thought they were about to start a fire. Anyway, congratulations!!

  2. Argh! Not twins! I'd probably shoot myself :) Although I feel like I have twins some days...