Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The screaming must stop. I mean, really. It must.

For the past couple of weeks we (meaning my husband and I) have dealt with teething. It's not pleasant. Not even close. Our DD didn't really start out teething the "normal" way, bottom two, top two... etc. Oh heavens no. That would be easy. Instead she started with the bottom two, then stopped for about 3 months, then they started coming in all hap-hazard and crap. We are just now getting in her top two. She had MOLARS before her top two fronters... Anyone who has kids can agree with me on this, molar teething is HELL. I am in Dante's 7th level of Hell. I swear. The fussiness, irritability, the plain bitchiness in general is enough to drive a usually calm person mad over a couple months time. I must be a saint. I've just now hit it. Seven months later. That's a record, right?
Now, I know the advice will come... "try Tylenol! It's MAGICAL!", "I prefer to use homeopathic teething tablets, they're MAGICAL!", "You should give her some Benedryl,  it's MAGICAL!"... apparently all this crap is MAGICAL. Nope. It's not. It really doesn't even work. We've done everything next to rubbing whiskey on her gums (yes, I've thought about it).
So, for the next 9 months (I really hope it's shorter, please be shorter!?) I will continue my saintly duties and attempt to stave off my resentment and absolute knowledge this is all payback for me doing this to MY parents...

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