Monday, December 27, 2010

The Year is Coming to an End! (Finally)

Christmas came and went... With Emma too petrified to open her presents. Apparently she knows ripping paper is bad, therefore wrapping paper is off limits too. The Christmas tree will be coming down tonight, thank God. I love Christmas, but I really love putting it all back in boxes too. The decor is too cluttered for me.
Plus we get to start packing for our move back to Washington. State, not DC. That is our Christmas present to ourselves this year :) Ahhh... real people, not this "I don't care" crap Oklahoma has offered. Of course, this will all be occurring AFTER DD#2 is born.
Speaking of which, I really haven't even started "nesting". I mean, beyond pulling out clothes saved from DD#1. Not even washed, or folded for that matter. Can we say, "apprehensive"? Come on everybody, "APPREHENSIVE!!!". I'm really not looking forward to having 2 under 2. I'm an only child and my husband's sister was born when he was 7, sooooo... I really have no experience to base anything off of. Thank goodness we will be back near friends whom will be having 3 under 4... yes, that's right. 3 under the age of 4!
I'm just excited to meet my little fox-trotter living in my belly. She better be worth it, or I'm sending her back for a different model.

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