Friday, December 31, 2010

4 Weeks and 6 Days!!!!

The countdown ensues...

In four weeks and six days from now, I will be a new mommy, again. So far my first, Emma (17 months old) has made it this far with me as her mom, so I'm kinda thinking I may just be okay at this thing. Granted, she's had her fair share of visits to the doctor's office, I've had my fair share of tears and freak out moments, but she's still alive, right?

Of course, we've had our fair share of freak out moments with this new little girly, and she hasn't even made her debut yet. From finding a cyst on the umbilical cord next to the placenta insertion area to large ventrical tubes (they drain the spinal fluid to the spine) we've been put thru the ringer. They were worried about the cyst at first because it is usually a precursor to congenital defects (think Downs Syndrome) but was found to have no blood flow in it, therefore it's most likely harmless. They tell us this after worrying for 3 friggin weeks... sigh.

Then there's her ventrical tubes. They are still technically in the 'normal' range, but on the large end of it. Which could mean she might have hydrocephalus (water on the brain). Again, freak out. We won't officially know until she's born, but either way, she'll be loved just as much as her sissy.


Then there's the lovely cesarean section I get to look forward to. I thank my first for being a stubborn turkey and sitting in a 'Frank Breech' position the. whole. pregnancy.

That's right.

And to boot, my OB didn't catch it, since she was straight up and down he assumed her ass was her head. Go figure.

Then 35 hours of labor.

THEN they figure it out.


The only thing that's going to really bother me is my weight limitation. I won't be able to pick up Emma at any given moment for a couple weeks. *pout*.

I am VERY grateful my MIL will be here to help out tho!

Oh, and did I mention the stretch marks?

Yeah, they're friggin super too.

I had TWO with Emma.


And they were on my SIDE.

This one? Yeah, last count I was at 15.

Thanks princess. Not only will I have 'pancake belly' for the first 3 weeks after I deliver you, but I'll have a road map of Rhode Island to boot.


You're so thoughtful.

Again, you better be a rockstar or I'm returning you for another model.

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